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April 2nd, 2010

One of the most famous tea is not tea. It is a nearly dried flowers (Sudanese rose). Drink red with a pleasant acidity, perfectly combined with sugar. Drink it as hot and cold.

Hibiscus grows in the tropics. He is a tall shrub, belonging to the family . flowers large, 7-10 cm in diameter, with thick petals, bright red with dark purple corolla outside and dark purple inside. Possess a strong aroma. The leaves, stems, calyx reddish hue. Almost the entire plant, except roots, edible and its use in food. Fresh leaves and young shoots are rich in , add to the salad, stewed meat, roasted seeds and used in soups.

To use a cup of tea flowers. After wilting flower bowls begin to grow, increasing by several times and become juicy and succulent. They are used not only for tea, but also make them jellies, sauces, compotes, used for coloring foods, salted, pickled.

Brewed as tea, not boiled, prolonged heating dyes are decomposed, and the drink becomes a dirty gray.

tea is very useful. Substances that cause its red color – anthocyanins, have a pronounced P-vitamin activity, they strengthen the walls of blood vessels, regulate blood pressure. They possess antispasmodic and diuretic ..

Contained in the flavonoids – kvertsitin reinforce the effect of anthocyanins, help clean the body. Deduces from an organism waste products exchange. Promotes bile and increased protection of liver from neblagopiyatnyh impacts, improves metabolism. It kills some pathogens can be used as a vermifuge.

Citric acid gives the drink a pleasant taste, it acts refreshing in hot weather and at high temperatures.
contains no oxalic acid, and therefore safe for renal patients. Read more…

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March 23rd, 2010

Strictly speaking, karkade – it is not tea, tea drink made from fruit of hibiscus.

tea helps the body to say goodbye to “bad” cholesterol, protects the liver, improves vision and relieves fatigue. This drink is perfect for those who live in constant stress, because it calms the nerves. Natural “Detox-pill” karkade cleans the body and can be used as a mild laxative for chronic problems with the digestive tract.

Fill dried “cup” hot water (85 ° C), insist that 4 – 6 minutes. To make one portion of the drink requires 1 – 1,5 teaspoons tea leaves .. If the brew to increase to 10 – 15 minutes, the drink will turn sour and slightly astringent. In hot karkade increases the pressure in the cold – decreases. Do not brew karkade in metal cookware – Import and color and taste of the drink, use only soft water (hard water, this “tea” can become green).